Website maintenance is an integral part of updating and keeping your site working properly.

Your website is one of the most unique and direct communication mechanisms for your business. A properly designed internet presence can promote your brand, deliver your message, and excite your audience. It’s essential that a website get fresh content at least once a month to give it the competitive edge it deserves.

We provide support plans & website maintenance services for your online presence that are tailored to your needs, whether you update your site once a month, twice a month, or even daily, we have the plan that suits your needs as well as building a custom plan for your business. Our customized approach to web design and development combines state-of-the-art technologies to provide our clients with solutions and a personal client focus for their website success.

We work with our clients to ensure the project is successful at all phases of the software development life-cycle. Recommendations and suggestions are provided about the look and feel of the website design and software application including: site usability, search engine friendly designs, content optimization, and ease of site navigation to name a few.

We constantly scan your websites for even the barest hint of an issue. If A goes bad, we’re on it. If B rears it’s ugly head, we fix it. And when a plug-in goes out of date, we update it. For example. Say a new version of a plug-in you use becomes available for your site. As soon as this happens, our system generates a ticket to update your website. A member of our team logs in, updates the plug-in and sends you email notification.

One of the most time consuming yet mission critical tasks website owners face is staying up to date with the ever changing technology platforms, code updates and platform upgrades. We proactively approach the management of your website with this in mind. That means we take care of all these tasks for you on a schedule. We’re in the business of technology and staying up to speed on what’s happening out there is just part of what we do every day. Your website, it’s code and platform infrastructure will be monitored and automatically upgrades as changes hit the market.

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